Springpod and The Institute of Acoustics launch new iteration of collaborative Virtual Work Experience for young people

Springpod, the UK's leading provider of Virtual Work Experience, is excited to announce the relaunch of its programme in partnership with the Institute of Acoustics (IOA). This new iteration is designed to provide students with an immersive learning experience in the field of acoustics, allowing them to step into the careers on offer in the industry and explore different pathways.

The programme, which is available on demand, takes students on a 10 hour virtual journey through the fascinating world of sound and its applications. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts, discover real-world projects and complete activities that provide a glimpse into a career in acoustics.

"Our collaboration with the IOA enriches the spectrum of opportunities on our platform and helps us to keep our promise to students of offering them as much variety as we can in the experiences we have available," said Sam Matthews, Director of Programmes at Springpod. "Given that acoustics is a sector not many young people are likely to have had much exposure to, I'm very excited to see the student feedback that we receive about the programme. Hopefully it opens some curious minds to considering the field as a potential career."

The IOA, through the expertise of its members, brings authenticity and depth to the programme. "We are excited to see the level of outreach this virtual work experience can achieve" said Matt Muirhead, Chair of the STEM Committee at the Institute of Acoustics. "With the wide range of interesting roles for acousticians we hope that many young people are not only made aware of but inspired to follow a career in acoustics."

The programme features modules on:

  • Acoustics & the environment
  • Architecture
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Acoustics and Health
  • Getting career ready

It's important to create immersive experiences that allow young people to not just find out about careers, but feel like they're stepping into them on our programmes. Participants will:

  • Hear from professionals: There's no substitute for learning from role models doing these jobs on a daily basis.
  • Complete real-world activities: Hands-on projects that challenge students to solve real acoustic problems.
  • Develop their hard and soft career skills: Equipping young people with the right tools and training to succeed.
  • Receive guidance on how to enter the industry: Links to apprenticeship and university opportunities to further their understanding of acoustics.
  • Receive a certificate upon completion: Official recognition from Springpod and the IOA.

The programme is free and open to students aged 13+, with enrolment available on the Springpod platform through the link below:

Virtual Work Experience with The Institute of Acoustics


About Springpod: Springpod is a visionary EdTech company that specialises in connecting young individuals with future careers through innovative learning experiences. Our mission is to empower young people to select and secure their brightest future.

About the Institute of Acoustics: The Institute of Acoustics is the leading professional body for those working in acoustics, noise, and vibration. It brings together professionals from academia, industry, and government to share knowledge and practice in the pursuit of improving the soundscape of our lives.

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