How Springpod helped me to prepare for my future as a Physiotherapist

Laura Bunce completed our ‘Preparing for your future as a Physiotherapist’ programme back in September 2021.

The programme, which ran in partnership with Health Education England, was aimed at those already on a Physiotherapy course at university to ensure they were ready for the world of work.

Read on to hear how Springpod helped Laura kick-start her healthcare career journey.

My journey into a career:

I am a newly registered band 5 physiotherapist currently working in Oxford. I completed my MSc degree in Physiotherapy in December 2021 with a distinction from the University of Southampton. 

Before that, I did a BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Medical Sciences from the University of Exeter. I also worked part-time throughout both degrees as a healthcare assistant and then a physiotherapy assistant to gain clinical experience and make sure physiotherapy was the career choice I wanted to pursue.

How I came across Springpod

I was invited to complete the Springpod programme ‘Preparing for Your Future as a Physiotherapist’ by my university in September 2021 as I was nearing the end of my course, and starting thinking about applying for jobs and my next steps.

Whilst I was lucky to have previously had lots of clinical experience, I found the course really useful in helping to set my expectations for transitioning to a registered, accountable professional, as well as the practical advice that was provided on job applications and interviews. 

It was useful to complete the programme as it was tailored to my local area (South of England) and it explained the structure of the NHS locally in terms of the integrated care system which I didn’t know that much about, and now understand better.

I was familiar with the term preceptorship, but this part of the programme was useful in explaining exactly what it was, and how I would be supported in the early part of my career by my trust’s local preceptorship programme. 

The course also gave lots of genuinely useful advice on where to seek support for a number of scenarios I could find myself in over the next few years. Both in terms of mental health and burnout, and professional accountability.

I liked the different reflection sections that were incorporated throughout too, which forced me to take the time to reflect and digest what I had just learned.

My advice for others

My advice for anyone considering a career in healthcare is to take the time to do some research into all of the professions that are available to you, as you may discover a speciality that you think is interesting that you didn’t even know existed! 

There are plenty of routes into healthcare beyond the traditional degree route, so consider these options too. If you can, try and get some clinical work experience, as it really helps you to understand the pressures faced by the healthcare professionals, and gives you an idea as to whether this is something you can handle and enjoy! Also, talk to current students about their experiences.

If you’re interested in partnering with Springpod to showcase your NHS trust, to help build a talent pipeline of students local to you, get in touch with our team today.



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