How Springpod can help you to attract aspiring apprentices

Employers across the UK hire apprentices to help grow their businesses, whether it be young people looking to start their careers or those already in work looking to upskill. With the help of apprenticeship training providers, organisations can attract, grow and retain applicants from as young as 16.

According to official government data, almost 40% of those who begin an apprenticeship drop out before completion. Many employers have stated the reason points towards young people not being workplace ready. That’s where we come in to help.

How Springpod can help

At Springpod, we provide virtual work experience opportunities that allowed over 320,000 young people, from over 4000 schools, to experience the world of work before they apply. Our programmes work to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to be workplace-ready when they come to apply for roles.

Benjamin Osgood began his Level-7 apprenticeship with Deloitte LLP within the Business and Financial Advisory department in September 2021. Whilst researching apprenticeship opportunities within the financial services industry, Ben discovered Springpod. After deciding he wanted to work for one of the ‘Big 4’ firms, he customised his email preferences to notify him when suitable opportunities associated with these companies arose on the platform; he was made aware straight away.

He also attended a virtual event hosted by Springpod, where he discovered which route into finance he wanted to take.

“I attended a virtual event organised by Springpod, where Ernst & Young happened to be presenting. Thanks to the webinar, I discovered that I would be best suited for a role in either Consulting or Transaction Services based on my personality type.

Following the webinar, I connected with the speakers from the event via Linkedin and asked for their advice. It was truly invaluable and based on my experience, I would certainly recommend that all aspiring apprentices take every opportunity to network with others.” - Benjamin Osgood, Apprentice at Deloitte LLP

The platform enabled Benjamin to target his search to the employers he knew he wanted to work for and engage directly with them - this meant he was more prepared when it came to reaching out to them for potential interviews and information. This small step helped him to secure his apprenticeship and he encourages others to do the same.

“I was also amazed by all the Springpod Virtual Work experience opportunities. I managed to look at what was included in the programme and thoroughly researched the topics. It helped me, and I would recommend it.” - Benjamin Osgood, Apprentice at Deloitte LLP

Oliver Osborne has also found his apprenticeship as a result of participating in virtual work experience with Springpod, this time through a programme created in partnership with Airbus. He began his Technical Level 3 /4 apprenticeship at Airbus in September 2021.

Similarly to Benjamin, after signing up with Springpod and completing the Airbus opportunity, Oliver enabled notifications of relevant roles available and became aware of the routes he could take to his chosen career.

“Honestly, had it not been for this Airbus Virtual Work Experience, I would never have heard about the apprenticeship, and therefore, would not be in the position that I am in today. 

Over 2,400 students like me participated in the Airbus Virtual Work Experience programme with Springpod, where we interacted with Airbus employees, discovered their roles, and even learnt about some of their key projects.

I would certainly recommend that all students consider an apprenticeship, as it offers onsite, hands-on experience and theory-based work. They cater to all types of learners and many will lead on to future jobs upon completing the apprenticeship. Gaining relevant industry experience at such a young age is key to building your portfolio for other organisations in the future. The other bonus is that you also get paid a wage during your apprenticeship.” - Oliver Osborne, Apprentice at Airbus

Springpod’s strong partnerships with employers allow students to start their career journeys with leading employers. With more young people looking to begin an apprenticeship, there has never been a better time to get noticed on the platform.

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