Anglian Water find latest degree apprentice via Springpod

Ifeanyi has a passion for the technology industry, finding it fascinating and fulfilling. His desire to develop cutting edge products and find solutions to problems that could help maintain our environment and improve lives is why he decided to pursue a career in this field.

How Ifeanyi got started:


In order to get started in this industry, Ifeanyi completed our Fujitsu WorkX virtual work experience programme back in October 2021. He then went on to explore further opportunities on the Springpod platform and discovered an opening for a degree apprenticeship role with Anglian Water. 

Ifeanyi commented:

“I heard about Springpod through a friend. I signed up because I wanted to partake in their virtual work experience programmes, and I was accepted on a virtual work experience programme offered by Fujitsu.

I found the Anglian Water apprenticeship while searching for more virtual work experiences. My advice to anyone planning on using Springpod is to just go for it! I was able to kill two birds with one stone (gain experience and get an apprenticeship), and there is no reason why you can’t do the same too!

I’m looking forward to starting my apprenticeship and experiencing the challenges that I’ll face, and I’m gearing up to meet them head-on. I’m eager to be able to offer as much help as I can to the customers, building trust with them and striving to do the right thing both for them and for the environment at large.”

Apprenticeships are a fantastic route into the workplace and alternative to university. They give people the chance to study for a nationally recognised qualification while earning a salary and gain hands-on work experience from the start of the programme! 

Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area. They supply water and water recycling services to almost seven million people in the East of England and Hartlepool.

Anglian Water recruits for a wide range of apprenticeships from Level 3 up to Degree Level. This year they began their largest recruitment drive ever, with 54 new Level 3 and 4 operational apprenticeship positions in 2022.

Anglian Water was keen to ensure their opportunities reached their intended audience so they partnered with Springpod to create a tailored campaign across the East of England. Springpod strives to recruit fresh talent who bring new ideas to organisations and with over 300,000 young people on the platform, Anglian Water were keen to tap into this talent pipeline.

Anglian Water ran the recruitment campaign for their 2022 cohort of IT Degree apprentices - often a difficult apprenticeship to recruit for - to join them in September. The apprentices will work towards a BSc in Digital and Technology Solutions through Aston University and gain their Apprenticeship standard at the end of the programme. The campaign led Anglian Water to hire an apprentice they found on Springpod, Ifeanyi, who had also previously completed a virtual work experience programme with Fujitsu.

Anglian Water also commented:

“We are really excited that one of our four fantastic new Degree Apprentices, Ifeanyi, found our opportunity through Springpod. We can’t wait to welcome Ifeanyi to the Anglian Water team this September as he embarks on his four and a half year Apprenticeship.  

The team at Springpod are incredibly helpful and approachable. If you partner with them, they’ll be able to tap into their student audience on the platform, as well as their school networks to reach careers leads and parents too! There’s also the option to create an employer profile to help showcase your employer brand!“

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